Alessandro ‘Saseko’ Motojima’s

Sendo Senshi – Orchestral Score

Once thought to be lost and condemned to history. Rediscovered, remixed remastered and re-released to wide critical acclaim, Alessandro ‘Saseko’
Motojima presents his seminal score to White Dolemite’s greatest forgotten triumph.

The Japanese-Italian composer and 70’s B-Movie Godfather of Whitexploitation {whyxploitation} White Dolemite infamously collaborated on the movie
‘Sendo Senshi’ but the film was never officially released. The soundtrack was released but then discontinued within a month, shrouding the work in myth.

“Think Wu Tang… and you’re there” Huey Morgan BBC 6 Music

“This is a dangerous record, your imagination awaits!” Ray Russell Guitarist John Barry 7

“Who the hell is Motojima? I’m in love with this undiscovered classic” Freddie Cowan The Vaccines