WD At The Flea Circus


The VMA is looking forward to hosting its first stall at The Flea Circus on Saturday 16th of November. We’ll be selling some heavily discounted framed exhibition prints along with CD’s, vinyl and cassette. Please do swing by and say Hi, we’d love to see you all there. Please follow the link below for details of the event.

The VMA.




The wait is finally over. Its gives The Violent Movie Association immeasurable pleasure to present to you WHITEDOLEMITE.COM The official home of The ‘X’ Rated Man… Mr White Dolemite.

After an immense and lengthy trawl through the archives, you can now browse through the history of White Dolemite, Alessandro ‘Saseko’ Motojima and The Violent Movie Association. Marvel at the weird and wonderful filmography of ‘whitexploitation’ forgotten classics. Immerse yourself in the unbelievable underworld that is ‘Sendo Senshi’ and drown yourself in the sounds that have shaped an ‘X’ Rated Man.

Please do stop by our brand new store too, where you’ll be able to purchase original movie poster prints, clothing and sound track albums. And to celebrate the launch of White Dolemite’s official website, The Violent Movie Association is very proud to offer you a completely free MP3 download of the White Dolemite ‘Whitehiphop’o’mite’ classic slab of wrongness that is “Itty Shitty Piggy” Please visit the MP3 section of the store to claim your free download, or download directly from our media player that appears on many of the sites pages. You can also watch the video that accompanies this hiphop mayhem by clicking below.

We certainly hope that you enjoy your visit to whitedolemite.com, and we would urge you to return as the site will be updated with fresh content and special offers very soon.

The VMA.